How to Select a Convertible Baby Crib


There is some anxiety that comes when buying any item that is related to your baby's comfort. The baby is so sensitive to several changes and you don't know what will be the response if you buy this or that. This case happens even when you decide to buy the baby crib. Probably, you already have the bassinet or the play yard where your baby currently sleeps and you are wondering whether you need the baby crib. The baby crib being one of the largest assets you will buy for your baby is a nice thing to have. It is the room for your baby for several months. You will be happy to know that you baby can comfortably and safely rest in this base.  There are several options of baby cribs.


When you decide to buy the best travel crib, there are several options that you will have.  Safety is the top in the priority list for things to consider in addition to set a crib mobile with projector (learn more about crib mobile from here).  You want to be sure that your kid is sleeping safely in this crib. The consumer federation has got your assistance by ensuring that all cribs sold in the market have met minimum safety features.  Check out these features to ascertain the safety of the crib. The corner posts should not be more than 23/8 inches apart. Corners should be flush with the end panels and hardware should be firmly secured. You must check out for cracked or peeling paint since the bay can be attempted to taste.  Keep away from drop-side cribs and cribs with decorative cut-outs in the head.   You should also avoid old cribs since they don't meet the current safety standards.


There are different types of convertible mini crib.  The convertible crib is built to last and can take your tiny baby to a teenager.  You can convert it to a toddler bed, daybed or even full-size bed.   This is the best thing if you want to get value from your backs. Remember to confirm that you like the look of the convertible bed when it is in the full-size bed so that you won't hate it later.  There is the standard type of crib which is hinged to make it easier to lift the baby out. You can get more detailed information on baby crib from here.



When you are buying your baby crib, don't forget these things. The metal mattress support should withstand a jumping toddler than wood. An adjustable mattress height allows you to lower the height of the mattress as the baby grows. To read more on the importance of getting the best baby cribs check out